Mar 18, 2014

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Tips for Solving Leaking Pipe Problems Until Plumbers in Katy TX Arrive

One of the most difficult situations a homeowner can encounter in their home is having a leaky pipe after normal working hours or on the weekend. While the homeowner may be worried about the extra cost of calling a plumber out on an emergency basis, the damage such a leak can cause in their home may be more worrisome if they do not handle the issue immediately. In such cases, a homeowner can take a few steps to stop the water from causing too much damage, until Plumbers in Katy TX can come out to perform repairs.

Stopping the water from flowing can be one of the first things a homeowner will should do in this type of situation. Often the water can be stopped by turning off one of the water valves inside the home near the area where the leak is coming from. These valves are generally located under the faucets or behind the toilets. They tend to stop water flow to specific areas and this can often stop a leak. If not, the homeowner may need to turn all the water off to the house at the main water valve.

The main water valve is generally found outside of the home near the water meter, in the garage or near the street. Often this valve will require the use of a wrench or other device to shut the water off. If the homeowner is unable to turn the water off on their own and the leak is substantial, they will have to contact either Plumbers in Katy TX to come out on an emergency call or the local water department.

Once the water has stopped flowing, it is generally best for the homeowner to wait for a professional plumber to come out and handle the issue. However, if this is not possible and they need to use water until the plumber can arrive there are some temporary repair kits available at local hardware stores, which can help them solve the problem until the plumber arrives. Some kits are very simple to use and provide a rubber pad to place over the leak in the pipe, which is secured with a metal clamp. This will allow the homeowner to turn the water back on until a professional can fix the problem correctly. For more information please Visit site here.

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