Oct 3, 2016

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Tips for Septic Tank Maintenance in Auburndale, FL

Septic tank systems are generally used in homes that aren’t connected to the local sewage lines. A septic tank system allows for effective disposal of waste with minimal interference. When you flush the toilets or drain the wash basins, the water generally leaves through the drain pipes and connects to the main sewage lines. However, septic tank systems are different. The wastewater is passed into the septic tank, where it is allowed to rest. The solids fall to the bottom of the tank, whereas the sludge rises to the top. The simple concept of density difference is applied here. There’s an outlet in the septic tank through which the water leaves the septic tank and goes into the drainfield. However, proper septic tank maintenance is necessary if you don’t want your drains to clog up.

Start Conserving Water

One of the basic tips for septic tank maintenance in Auburndale, FL is to conserve as much water as possible. Remember, the septic tank can only handle a specific amount of water at any point in time. You should check for running toilets and leaking faucets before turning in for the night. It will be a huge nightmare if the septic tank overflows.

Regular Inspections

Another basic thing that you can do to maintain efficiency in the septic tank is to get it regularly inspected and pumped. Companies that offer septic tank maintenance will send a specialist to your place to inspect the tank and make sure that it’s operating up to the mark. If there’s an issue with the tank, it will be detected much earlier. This can help you save a considerable amount of money and also prevent serious plumbing issues. Also, it’s best to avoid putting anything heavy near or on the septic tank.

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