Jun 26, 2015

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Tips for Selecting Your Nose Ring Jewelry

Tips for Selecting Your Nose Ring Jewelry

Nose piercings are much more accepted today, than they were in the past. In fact you will find a fewer number of employers that do not allow them; although they may require flesh colored options to be worn, or limit the size of the jewelry. When you begin to select the Nose Rings And Studs that are right for you, you need to find one that fits your lifestyle, as well as any specifications from your workplace.

Some other tips to consider directly after having your nose pierced and for selecting the jewelry right for you, are highlighted here.

Allow Proper Healing Time

An ideal starter ring is a simple stud, since it is small enough for you to become used to its presence and will not cause issues at work, in most cases. Once the proper healing time has passed, you will be able to change this to whatever style of look suits you.

There are many people that choose the smallest nose ring possible, since this will also reduce the amount of pain during the initial piercing. You can find the smallest option for considering the number of the gauge, for example, a 20 gauge is the smallest nose ring available.

Consider if Bigger is Better

In addition to the size of the piercing, there are a number of other factors to remember so that you can find the perfect nose ring to suit your tastes and needs. If you choose a large nose ring, corkscrew nose ring or even a diamond nose ring, you run a higher risk of having it caught in a shirt, towel or other item, which can rip it out and cause significant pain. You should carefully consider if a bigger option for your nose ring is what you really want.

If you are unsure what nose ring you should initially choose, you may want to ask the piercer. They will have significant experience with these types of piercings and be able to help you make the best decision for your particular needs. Remember, the jewelry will not be able to be removed for several weeks, so you want to ensure that you choose something you like the look of for that period of time.

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