Tips For Selecting The Correct Floor Scrubber For Dallas Janitorial Services

As in any large city across the United States, Dallas office buildings and commercial properties include a wide range of different types of flooring. Flooring can include polished or unpolished concrete, epoxy flooring, hardwood flooring, natural stone, tile or a range of laminate and vinyl options.

Finding the ideal floor scrubber to operate on all of these different flooring options is important. It is simply not feasible for any janitorial service to have multiple systems in use, so finding a versatile, practical and effective system that can be used across the type of properties the business cleans is essential.

Size of System

There are many different sizes in floor scrubber models from very small units, about the size of a typical vacuum cleaner, that may be battery operated and provide a compact, durable and effective option for cleaning both hard and soft types of floors. These systems are perfect for break rooms, offices and smaller spaces and when cleaning under furniture is a consideration.

Large systems with wider cleaning and scrubbing areas, some with dual squeegees, are ideal when there are larger, more open floor spaces. These types of systems typically offer several different brush head options and smaller to larger onboard tanks for easy cleaning of significant square footage with each tank.

The size of the system also dictates the portability of the scrubber. Larger units are typically left at the site, while smaller units are easy to transport by cleaning crews.

Operating Noise Level

For many Dallas commercial properties, including hospitals, government buildings, stores and even in production facilities, the noise level produced during the operation of the floor scrubber is an important consideration.

Several manufacturers now offer whisper quiet systems that are ideal for these types of locations. Slightly more expensive, they offer a very professional cleaning operation that can be conducted without disruption to those working in the same area.

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