Oct 3, 2018

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Tips for Selecting the Best Soccer Goal Nets

As with all types of sporting equipment, there are differences between brands, manufacturers, materials and even sizes. Choosing the right equipment may not mean choosing the lowest cost equipment, but it does mean making the selection that will offer the longest life cycle and the safest use.

Typically, quality made soccer goals are very durable. Most are made out of round aluminum tubing or very durable types of plastics. Both materials are resistant to impact, offer high strength to weight ratios and are extremely resistant to any type of corrosion or stress fatigue.

Rope Considerations

Soccer goal nets, on the other hand, are made from a variety of materials. For durability, most are made with polyethylene, which is resistant to damage from exposure to UV as well as wet, rainy conditions.

The diameter of the rope is essential to consider. For children, a 2.5mm rope is often the best option. For older kids and adult players with more force behind their shots, a 3mm or larger diameter rope will extend the life of the net.

Clips and Fasteners

There are various easy to use clips and net fastener systems which are used with the soccer goal nets. These systems secure the net to the frame, helping to spread the impact of the ball over the surface of the net and prevent damage from the ball or players.

By using plastic clips and fasteners, the friction between the mesh of the soccer goal nets and the frame or the clip is almost completely eliminated, preventing areas of wear on the net.

Always verify the size of the soccer goal frame before buying a net. Most soccer goal nets will fit standard frames, but it is difficult to know by just looking at the frame if it is standard or if it is designed to offer more depth on either the top or the bottom.

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