May 26, 2014

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Tips For Selecting A Dental Shade Guide For Your Practice

As a dentist or a dental office supply manager you know that there are always a range of different products, brands and options to consider when choosing equipment for your practice. It is true for the big ticket items such as patient chairs, x-ray and imaging equipment and the computer systems now used in so many types of treatments in cosmetic dentistry. However, even the choice of a dental shade guide poses options that really should be considered.

Consistent Colors

Matching dental work, especially with resins, porcelain crowns, and even with bonding materials, to the existing shade of the teeth is critical for patient satisfaction. Having a uniform and recognized way to identify just the color that the replacement tooth needs to be is essential in getting the perfect match.

However, dental shade guide uses extend well beyond these basics. They can also be used to show patients what the result of teeth whitening procedures will be based on the starting discoloration or shade of the teeth.

For working in this area, a dental shade guide needs to include bleached colors. This allows the dentist to show the patient both the current shade of the teeth as well as the options at different points during the tooth whitening treatment.

The Benefits

It is important for a dentist to be able to discuss reasonable expectations with a patient to avoid misunderstanding. Many patients assume that their teeth, even if significantly stained, will be pearly white and dazzling after the tooth whitening process. By using the dental shade guide the dentist can provide a very accurate, physical representation of what the expected final result will be.

Patients that can see the actual outcome of the whitening process right in front of their eyes through the tooth samples on the dental shade guide. It is so hard to explain slight shade variations that this is really an essential tool to use with any patient. In addition it can help patients understand what a reasonable bleaching process will achieve without ending up looking artificially white when compared to their skin color and their natural teeth.

It is critical that the dental shade guide that you choose to use with your patients is going to allow you to demonstrate the changes that you want to highlight. This allows the guide to really speak for itself even for a patient without any formal training.

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