Mar 26, 2013

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Tips for roof maintenance

Things have a tendency to change around our home and we are not really even aware of them. The next time you are wandering in your garden, have a look and see how many tree branches have now grown to the point where they touch the roof; how may loose shingles can you spot? If you see things of this nature, then there is a good chance that you will need a roofing company in Council Bluffs to perform a maintenance check-up.

Wise homeowners should check their home on an annual basis for any wear and tear; this includes not only the roof but the siding and foundations as well.

If your home is approaching 15 years of age and it was originally built with asphalt shingles, it may actually be in for a complete replacement. Slate, tiles, and certain metal systems can last longer, but they require maintenance to do so.

Here is a quick check-list of things you should look for, depending on what you find you may need to call in the contractors from a roofing company in Council Bluffs.

Are trees growing close to the roof?

Trees can be very problematic, not only can the branches damage the roof as they swing around in the wind; branches can snap off and actually puncture the roof. Leaves from the trees are also a problem as they clog the drains allowing the water to back up and get under the roof membrane and cause rotting of the wooden base. If this is the case with your home, have the trees trimmed back immediately.

Are there black streaks on the roof surface?

Black streaks are an indication of mold, fungus or algae growth. You will see these streaks more on the north side of the house, especially where the roof is in perpetual shade. If left untreated, these conditions can cause serious damage leading to leaks.

Trimming the offending trees and getting better air circulation can help but the roofing company will tell you the best solution is to install strips of zinc along the roof ridge. These strips generate zinc oxide every time it rains; the oxide runs down the roof and provides a protective coating that prevents further growth.

If the roof is reasonably new, a few strips will suffice. If the roof is old and quite badly streaked, it will have to be cleaned first with a commercially available cleanser.

Inspect for damage:

If you spot missing shingles you home is at risk of developing a leak. Shingles can get raised and blown off during very high winds and if they are not replaced by a reputable roofing company in Council Bluffs it can only get worse.

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