Tips For Purchasing Used Abbott Instruments

Abbott instruments, made by Abbott Laboratories, are considered the gold standards for many types of testing equipment. The company itself is headquartered in the United States and was originally founded in 1888 in Chicago as a drug formulation company.

Over time, the company focus shifted to drug manufacturing and then into instruments and equipment, medical devices, and their lines of nutritional products. Today, Abbott instruments and equipment can be found in use for testing and analysis for chemical applications, hematology, and immunology as well as for use throughout the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and life sciences areas.

Buying Used

There are several benefits to choosing to purchase used Abbott instruments over buying brand new equipment. The most obvious benefit to any lab in the significantly lower cost, which can be well over 50% of the cost of new equipment by the manufacturer.

By using refurbished Abbott instruments, there is also the possibility of having a warranty in place, providing additional protection for a period of time after the purchase. With like-new equipment fully upgraded to new equipment standards, this is an ideal option for many testing facilities and diagnostic labs.

Choosing the Seller

When buying used Abbott instruments, the choice of the seller will be a central factor. Choosing a reputable, established seller with decades in the used medical and laboratory equipment ensures a solid track record of customer service and support.

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