May 2, 2014

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Tips for Purchasing a Cigar Lighter

So, you have found your perfect cigar – congratulations! Now, you need to find a cigar lighter that meets your needs. There are a number of different styles that are available, made from several different manufacturers, such as Zippo, Colibri and Xikar, among others. If the cigar lighter is going to be bought as a present, by a person that does not smoke cigars, then the price and appearance are likely going to factors that determine the purchase. However, you should ensure that you do not ignore the factors that are most important in a cigar lighter, which are highlighted here.

The Preference of Torch Lighters

There are no cigar smokers that will have the exact same tastes, but the majority will opt for a torch lighter, which has a jet flame rather than the typical type of soft flame lighter that is used by the average cigarette smoker. If the cigar lighter is going to be used mainly inside, or on just thin cigars, then either option of lighter will do.

Choose Two Flames Over One

Now that you understand that in the majority of cases, a traditional flame lighter will not be acceptable, you need to determine the type of torch lighter that will meet your needs. You have the option of a single, double or triple flame and in most cases you should determine your flame size by the size of the cigar that you are smoking. Cigars that have bigger ring gauges will take a much longer time to completely light, and using a double type of torch lighter will reduce the time that it takes to light by a significant amount.

A three flame lighter is not suggested since torch lighters will use a larger amount of fuel. If you use these types of lighters often, you will have to continually refuel the lighter after only few cigars.

Additional Considerations

When it comes to lighting your cigar, you should remember that function needs to take precedence over the appearance of the lighter. While a fancy Xikar may be the best looking lighter for your Djarum Clove Cigars, it can also hinder the ease of lighting of the cigar. This is due to the flip top that can get in the way of the flame. This is an important consideration to make prior to actually purchasing a cigar lighter.

With these considerations you can find the most functional lighter for your cigars.

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