Apr 24, 2015

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Tips For Planning A St. Maarten Wedding

Weddings are the perfect time for doing things a little differently. While most people still prefer the traditional event at the church with reception to follow, many people are turning to destination weddings, such as a St. Maarten wedding, which allows you to do things the way you want them done. Tips for planning such an event can be helpful.

Spot Picking

The first thing you’ll want to consider is where to have the significant event. There are many fantastic places to have weddings, but it will depend on what you want and where you want to be. It may also depend on where guests may want to go. For example, if you want your mother to be there and she can’t be in humid climates, you may not want to go to the Caribbean.

Right Time

Remember that destination weddings may have “great” times and “bad” times to go. In most cases, you’ll want to have the best weather available, which typically means you’ll have to go during tourist season, which means fewer hotel availability, more crowds, and higher rates. This means planning up to a year in advance to save money and space.

Trip Time

You will likely want to fly out to your destination ahead of time to see if you will like being there for such an important event. This can also allow you to schedule tastings for the food and cake, see sample flower bouquets and plan activities that are within range for guests.

Extra Expenses

Most destination weddings are scheduled and planned by a company, and they can help you keep your costs low. However, you may want to save some money in case you have extra guests at the last minutes, travel costs, additional activities and more.

Research Requirements

While it can be exciting to consider a destination wedding, some countries make it difficult to consider the legal aspect of marriage. Many times, you must be considered a resident of the country before you can get married, which can be anywhere from 24 hours to a few months.

Get Help

Planning any significant event can be difficult, but when planning for St. Maarten, it can be even more difficult. You’ll want to make sure you have plenty of help. This should likely include destination companies that continuously plan weddings for others. However, you’ll also want help with resort bookings, which could include a local planner.

A St. Marteen wedding can be a great way to put in your personal style though you should heed some helpful tips. Dreamy Weddings offers this and other event options, so check out their website today.

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