Tips for Meeting with a Criminal Defense Attorney in Tyler, TX.

Preparing for your first meeting with an attorney after being charged with a crime can be intimidating, but you shouldn’t delay scheduling a consultation. Finding an attorney who meets your needs may take some time, and your chosen attorney needs time to work on a sound defense. Here are some tips for planning your consultation.

Background Information

Honesty is essential. Your criminal law attorney in Tyler, TX. needs to know about your personal and professional history, along with any information that’s relevant to your case. Don’t be embarrassed to share details about your life before your current charges, including any previous arrests and convictions.


Bring any documents you’ve received from the police or court. It may be difficult for attorneys to gather records, such as police reports, affidavits, and bail paperwork, until they’ve been retained as your criminal law attorney in Tyler, TX. Photos, receipts, and other documents related to your case should be shared with your attorney.


Writing your version of events that led to your arrest can help you remember details later. Your criminal law attorney in Tyler, TX. will need to compare your version to witness accounts and police reports and verify facts. Reliable information is crucial to developing the best possible defense strategy.

Schedule a Consultation Today

The outcome of a criminal case can affect your life for years. The Law Office of Holmes, Moore, Waldron and Parrish provides 24/7 emergency legal assistance and free consultations to help you.

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