Tips for Making Tacos With Fish and Fresh Seafood From Oceanside Markets

Sometimes, it’s hard to come up with a meal to prepare for your family that you haven’t fixed before. If your family enjoys tacos, then consider using fish as the meat instead of hamburger or chicken. Here are a few ideas to consider when making these seafood treats.

Fresh Fish

When you make this meal, you want to use the freshest fish possible. Many of the fish tacos in Oceanside, CA, from restaurants and markets are made with seafood caught the same day or the day before. This delivers the best flavors and usually results in any breading that is used sticking to the fish a bit better than if the seafood has been sitting in a freezer or refrigerator for a few days.

Method of Preparation

If you want a crispy piece of fish in your taco, then you’re going to want to fry your fish in some fashion. Flour is an ingredient to consider for breading the fish as it can give the crunchy texture that you might desire. You could also mix beer into the flour to introduce a bit of air into the breading, making it a little softer instead of the hard crispness that you’ve likely seen on other foods with flour.


Fresh slaw, tartar sauce, and even slices of fresh fruits are often some of the toppings that are seen on fish tacos in Oceanside, CA. These are also ingredients that you can use at home along with cheese, lettuce, and other items that you would normally use on tacos.

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