Aug 21, 2017

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Tips for Hiring A Waterproofing Contractor in Cambridge, MA

Tips for Hiring A Waterproofing Contractor in Cambridge, MA

Waterproofing a home basement is a very intricate and complex job and should not be taken on as a “do it yourself” job. This is why a professional waterproofing contractor in Cambridge MA should be used. Here are some tips on things to look for and what to ask before signing a contract.

1. Ask for the paperwork up front before any kind of job estimate is ascertained. The homeowner will want to ensure the contractor is bonded, insured, and licensed. All of these credentials must be relevant to the state where the work is being done. This is because some certifications will not carry over to other states and are only relevant in the state they were issued.

2. Language that needs to be in any waterproofing contract before it is signed is a structure lifetime transferable warranty. This makes sure the contractor is liable for any repairs that may need to be done in the future. Ask the contractor if the sump pumps are guaranteed for life. Any contractor worth their salt will make sure this is standard in any contract.

3. When gathering information and quotes from a range of contractors, ask them to bring a small sample of any materials they plan on using. This gives the homeowner the chance to compare between the group and see who offers the finest materials for the home. A perforated pipe made from PVC installed into a lay drain sitting on clean stone is considered the best example of internal waterproofing systems.

4. Waterproofing can be an expensive project, so the homeowner should not let the contractor oversell them. An honest Waterproofing Contractor in Cambridge MA will tell the homeowner only what they need-;no more and no less.

5. Before signing any contract, make sure to ask questions if something seems unclear or if there is a need to know more about anything in the document.

Check out for an honest and reliable waterproofing contracting company. An experienced and well-trained team of workers can handle any job no matter how big or how small. The home is a valuable possession and it deserves only the best when it comes to workmanship.

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