Apr 3, 2013

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Tips for great brochures

Even in the age of on-line product promotion, there is nothing like brochures in NYC NY to get the attention of a potential customer.

There is a whole host of PC and MAC software available today that makes the design of the brochure much simpler than it was years ago. Many business people are using such software to create their own content and then have the printing of the brochures in NYC NY done by professionals.

For those who wish to take this route of home design and professional printing, there are a few tips that will result in a great finished product.

* Know the size of the print:
A very common error, one which is easy to fall into is laying the brochure out on the computer where the page size is set to something smaller than the desired print size. If the finished print size is going to be 8 x 10, then do not lay out the design as if the paper size was 8 ½ x 11. When the printer has to stretch or reduce the size of the brochure, the resolution will be adversely affected.

* Allow for the bleed:
When brochures in NYC NY are printed, they are printed in large sheets, perhaps four brochures to one print sheet. Once printed, they are sliced into the individual brochures. Although the blade used to cut the sheets is extremely accurate, over a print run of many thousands, there may be minute variations.
The idea is to expand your brochure slightly beyond what you want the finished size to be, this way, when the sheets are cut, even with minute variables, the brochure will be printed to all four sides. It is recommended that the design take into account about an additional 1/8” in excess of each side.

* The key to quality is resolution:
The images that you want printed on your brochures must be of a very high resolution. If what you submit to the printer is lower resolution, your finished brochures will look blurry, or in the worst case, pixilated.
On the computer during the design, your images are displayed at 72 dots per inch. This is fine for a computer but nowhere near good enough for a printed brochure. For professional results, your images need to be at a minimum, 300 DPI.

* Pick the right paper:
Professional printers usually suggest either 80 or 100 Lb paper; the finishes can be matte or high gloss. The 100 Lb stock is substantially more robust than 80 Lb with very little difference in cost. Adding varnish puts a high gloss on your brochures in NYC NY, suggesting to your clients that you are very keen on quality and professionalism.

In the design of your brochure, be original and be creative, convey the information in a way which is easily read and understood by the potential customers. A well designed brochure will invariably bring far more business than the cost.

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