Aug 6, 2018

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Tips for Extending the Longevity of Hardwood Flooring in Chicago

Tips for Extending the Longevity of Hardwood Flooring in Chicago

Hardwood flooring in Chicago remains a popular option among homeowners across all demographics despite the proliferation of modern, man-made materials. There’s a good reason for this preference. They look beautiful, and with adequate care, hardwood floors can be expected to last a lifetime.

There are, however, certain circumstances that can substantially decrease the expected lifespan of a hardwood floor. Homeowners who want to protect their investments can read on to find out about how they can protect their flooring to extend its longevity and preserve its natural beauty.

Avoid Water Damage

Wood fibers absorb water and other liquids, which can lead to swelling and damage the floor’s finish. Should significant water damage occur, it can even lead to mold build-up between the boards or alter their dimensions. That’s why it’s essential that homeowners be conscientious about cleaning up spills immediately and keeping their roofs, windows, siding, and plumbing in a state of good repair to avoid water damage, to begin with.

Vacuum Often

Large debris like small pebbles and even sand tracked in from outside can wind up damaging the floor’s finish. The best way to avoid this kind of damage is to place mats in front of all exterior doors and to vacuum up any dirt and debris that has entered the room often. This will protect the floor’s finish, helping to prevent the need for frequent refinishing, which can lead to the need for repairs or a complete flooring replacement over time.

Have Damage Repaired Immediately

If a floor does become damaged due to abrasion, excessive moisture, or blunt force, it’s important to have that damage repaired immediately. Most of the contractors who install hardwood flooring in Chicago also offer dedicated repair services, but it’s a good idea to have a company in mind before the need for repairs arises. This will help to ensure that homeowners can take quick action to repair the damage before it gets any worse.

Learn More Today

Whether homeowners are looking to have some minor damage repaired or they need to have a whole new hardwood floor installed, American Carpet Distributors can help. Check out the company’s website to learn more about their services.


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