Oct 24, 2014

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Tips for Decorating Your Penthouse Bedroom

Once you have found New Penthouses For Sale In West Chelsea, and decided which one was right for you, you will be faced with the task of decorating it. As you go through your new space, each room will demand attention in order to bring out the best in the space. However, one of the most important spaces you need to decorate well is your bedroom. After all, this is your retreat from the world, a place to relax and unwind. Some tips for decorating your penthouse bedroom are highlighted here.

One of the first things you will likely notice in your penthouse bedroom is the space and natural light it offers. There is a good reason that people are willing to pay premium prices for apartments that are way up over the city skyline, in addition to the amazing view, you will also have an exceptional amount of space to work with.

You should carefully consider the window space you have available. You want to be sure that you do not block the natural light, since this can help to create a warm and inviting space. Try to stick with neutral colors for the walls, with a splash of color directly around the windows or doors. When you select the neutral colors, it will help the natural light to reflect back into your space.

The majority of penthouse bedrooms you will see have implemented the minimalist look. This means that you need to keep clutter to a minimum. A good idea is to purchase a chic bed with leather and wood accents and drawers. This will provide a modern and luxurious look and hide away any small or miscellaneous items that you may have. Additionally, if you have to have a large flat screen television in the space, you should consider housing it in the foot of your bed in order to compliment the minimalist appearance of the bedroom.

If possible, you should also consider using a wardrobe that offers larger sliding doors in order to compliment the contemporary look even further. This will give you an additional space for hiding small items while going along with the overall minimalist and modern theme that you have created thus far.

The fact is that penthouse bedrooms will offer you plenty of space to work with. This means you need to take your time, be creative and let your own personal style shine through the design.


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