Dec 19, 2017

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Tips for Choosing the Right Roofer for your Job

Tips for Choosing the Right Roofer for your Job

The first step in a roofing job well done is finding the right company. Being a common necessity for homeowners, there are no shortage of roofing contractors out there. However, like with all construction fields, not all contractors are made equal in terms of ability and merit. So, if you’re in the market for roofers in St. Augustine, and you need help to find the right roofer for you, here are some helpful tips to get you on the right track.

#1. Stay as local as you can
Different states and even different cities have varying codes and regulations on how construction can be carried out. As such, you will likely have less issues with a local roofing contractor than you would with one from out of town or state. One issue you will definitely avoid is unfamiliarity with area suppliers and crews, as a local contractor will already have preferences on both of those.

#2. Check for any with manufacturer designations
A manufacturer designation is when a manufacturing company recognizes a contractor of a certain field, in this case roofing, to be among the top of the line in their line of work. While you shouldn’t stick strictly to this rule, as many manufacturing companies pick less than 10% of roofing contractors per market to be eligible for manufacturer designation, much less earning it, it’s still something you should look for. If a local roofing contractor in your area has a manufacturer designation, then they should be the ones you hire.

#3. Look for a roofer with many options
By which it is meant that when you look for a roofer, you should always look for ones that offer several different types of shingles. Besides just being a good idea in general, it’s also a sign that the roofer in question has their client’s best interest in mind, and is willing to go the extra mile to cooperate.

Roofers are one of the truest examples of supply and demand in the construction industry. Everyone needs their roof either built or repaired at some point, so roofers are a common sort to meet the demand. Stick to these tips, however, and you’ll find the perfect roofer for you in no time at all.

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