Nov 13, 2018

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Tips For Choosing The Best Tennis Shoes For Men

Tips For Choosing The Best Tennis Shoes For Men

Whether you are getting into Tennis shoes for the first time, or are a seasoned Tennis shoes, you need to invest in a good pair of workout shoes. Many guys want to try to get away with using their favorite gym shoes, but they are not designed to provide the level of support needed for the demands of a typical WOD. Finding the best Tennis Shoes for Men starts with looking carefully at different options:


When you are trying to choose the best Tennis Shoes for Men, price should not be the deciding factor, but you won’t need to buy the most expensive pair on the market to get the support and stability that you need.

Generally, the selection of Tennis Shoes for Men priced in the middle-range (not the most expensive, or the least expensive) all offer excellent stability & support for your feet throughout each phase of your training. However, if you have special needs such as additional arch or ankle support, you may want to consider some of the higher-end options.

Weight and Breathability

Your WOD is an intense time where every second and every movement counts. The last thing you want is to wear a clunky or heavy shoe that holds you back. You also don’t want a lightweight shoe that isn’t designed to absorb any shock or protect your feet while you perform various exercises.

The Box Tennis shoes for men will be flexible but substantial, especially through the sole and the arch. They should be comfortable in weight, actually lighter than a typical running shoe, and they should be designed to breathe.

Heel to Toe Drop

Unlike the style of many running shoes and cross trainers, the Tennis Shoes for Men will be almost completely flat across the bottom. This is known as the “heel to toe drop” or the difference between the height of the toe and the height of the heel. A zero (or close to zero) heel to toe drop is important because the larger surface provides shock absorption and stability when landing and stepping.

Choosing Tennis Shoes for Men with these considerations in mind is a good start. You should also try on a few different brands to find a shoe that is, above all, comfortable to wear. Visit the website at Follow us on Instagram.

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