Jan 21, 2015

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Tips For Choosing The Best Collapsible Canes

Many people can benefit from the added support of lightweight, durable and stylish collapsible canes. These are so handy as they are there when you need them and then, with just a quick fold, you have a small, manageable cane that can easily fit in a briefcase, purse or bag completely out of sight.

There are many different kinds of collapsible canes, which may also be known as folding canes, depending on where you look. Ideally shopping online gives you the best option in styles and designs and even allows you to choose from folding fashionable canes for those special events.

Handles on Collapsible Canes

One of the most important considerations is the comfort that collapsible canes can provide. Different handle shapes may also provide different grips, so you may want to have more than one of the canes to try.

The standard or typical folding canes are going to have a standard cane handle that may be made of wood or a rubber and gel material for additional comfort. They form a t-shape to the top of the handle with the longer part of the top of the T there to support the palm of the hand back of the shaft of the cane.

Another option for the grip on folding fashionable canes is the offset handle. This has the shaft of the cane curve forward in a bend and then turns again back over the cane in a horizontal position. The grip is in the horizontal position, which is very comfortable for long term use.

Options and Features

Most but not all collapsible canes will also be adjustable canes. The shaft of the cane is fitted with small holes and a pop out lock that allows you to adjust the height of the cane from the ground to the handle. Typically adjustments allow you to set it for a height of 33 to 37 inches on most models, which is ideal for most adults.

Folding fashionable canes at Irish Walking Sticks can come in a variety of colors, materials and designs. They are all designed to be lightweight and very practical and easy to use and most have a rubberized cover on the tip for extra security and to help prevent slipping.

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