Mar 23, 2016

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Tips For Choosing The Best Bagging Equipment

Tips For Choosing The Best Bagging Equipment

If you are in the market for new bagging equipment or if you are replacing or upgrading your current production line, getting the best equipment for your budget needs to be a priority.

Anything that is on the line has to work to the speed of the line. It also has to be reliable, dependable and have the ability to plug into your existing line and computerized control system to be the right equipment for your needs.

There are a lot of different companies manufacturing bagging machines. There are also a lot of options to buy in different locations, but not all are going to result in equipment that you can use for years to come, and that can also handle your current and future packaging needs.

Buy New

Even for a startup production line, buying new bagging equipment instead of used is always the best option. All equipment has a life cycle that can be impacted by correct or incorrect maintenance, operation outside of the recommended parameters or simply failing to repair correctly and use the machine.

When you buy used equipment, no matter how good the price, you can only take the seller’s word it has been properly maintained and is in good working order. Buying new provides you with the warranty as well as full customers service and support for the equipment if you are dealing with a top company.

Choose Experience and Expertise

Experience in the industry does count with this as well as all production equipment. Keep in mind you don’t just need the bagger, you may also need augers, weighing equipment, conveyors, tables and bucket elevators on the line.

Choosing a company with extensive experience in the packaging industry will not only provide you with the equipment, but also you may find options to consider to make your processing line more efficient through their help and support.

Talking to the sales rep and discussing your needs can be very enlightening. Look for companies that listen to your needs and then make suggestions, not those companies offering the same equipment for every possible production situation.

Consider Price

Finally, you will need to consider price, but not as the primary consideration. It would be more cost effective in the long run to go over budget on the bagging equipment and know that it is going to last for years than buy cheap and end up with extensive downtime and repairs.

The best bagging equipment will also have the potential to grow with your company. You want to choose equipment that isn’t just the right match for today, but also for the years to come.

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