Sep 30, 2016

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Tips for Choosing Pet Collars in Albany, OR

Welcoming a new dog or cat to the home is exciting, but it pays to remember that the pet needs a collar. Not any old collar will do. The best approach is to evaluate different options for pet collars in Albany OR based on a few important features. Here are some examples to keep in mind when trying to find the ideal collar for the newest member of the family.

The Fit

One of the mistakes that many pet owners make is thinking that Pet Collars in Albany OR must be tight to prevent the dog or cat from slipping out of them. While the fit does have to be snug, it should not make it hard for the pet to breathe easily. Go with a collar that can be adjusted with relative ease. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that the owner can slip one or two fingers under the collar without causing the pet to begin breathing more rapidly.

The Material

Pet collars are made from all sorts of materials. It pays to invest in something that’s made using elements that are sturdy and likely to last for quite a few years. This will mean spending a little more up front, but the fact that the collar will still be in great shape a decade from now makes it worth every penny.

The Look

While it may be tempting to choose fun colors, consider how they would look on the pet. Will the color choice look nice with the pet’s coat, or will it seem to be wildly out of place? Go with something that helps to bring out the beauty of the coat and happens to be in a style that seems proper for the breed.

A collar is not the only thing that the new member of the family will need. Visit the Albany Pet Hotel today and take a look at the line of accessories and products offered. It won’t be difficult to find everything from the right type of pet shampoo to the ideal food and water dish. Best of all, the prices on those pet supplies will be among the best in town.

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