Sep 13, 2017

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Tips For Choosing Marble Countertops In St. Paul

Tips For Choosing Marble Countertops In St. Paul

Choosing the right type of marble for your St. Paul home is a very different experience than buying tile or even in choosing a quartz countertop. With marble countertops, each section of the counter is made from a single slab of natural stone.

Each slab is quarried from different areas of the world based on the type of marble. As each slab has slight variations in patterns, veining, and even color through the block of marble, choosing the best slabs to work together for a large kitchen area will be important.

This is very different from purchasing ceramic tile of even engineered quartz countertops where each piece will be identical to the sample available on the showroom floor or in the design center. It will be important to consider how the marble patterning will look together if more than one slab is required for your kitchen.

Have a Color Selection in Mind

When you plan to choose the slab or slabs for your marble countertops, it is essential to have an idea of the colors and patterns that you are interested in viewing. Remember, there will be variations in the different slabs, but know you prefer the classic beauty of Carrara White or if you prefer the more intensive colors and patterning of Emperador Dark for your St. Paul home.

It can be easy to become overwhelmed with all the choices. Many people prefer to see the slabs once, go home and consider how they would look with the cupboards and flooring and then return to the showroom to choose the specific slab.

Sometimes, the slabs used for marble countertops will have naturally occurring fissures. These are very slight imperfections that occur on the surface and give the marble a unique character. Do not choose any slab that has a crack that can be detected by touch. Cracks are a sign of poor quality marble or in poor handling of the marble after it has been quarried.

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