Tips for Choosing an On-Island Moving Company in Charlotte

Moving day can be stressful enough without the realization that the wrong moving company has been chosen. To avoid this situation, here are some helpful tips on how to pick an On-Island moving company that will work out for the best.

  • Check with friends or even real-estate agents and ask for their recommendations. Real estate agents will have heard about many other’s experiences and can definitely guide one as to who to look into and who to avoid. Friends or relatives may be able to provide honest and blunter advice as to what their experiences with Charlotte moving companies consisted of.
  • Check with the American Moving and Storage Association and ask if the moving company recommended is a member. This means that they have agreed to follow all policies and procedures that the association demands. Any complaints against them will also be on file. Check with the Better Business Bureau as well as they may have records of consumer complaints against the company.
  • After choosing a few companies that seem like they may work, invite them to the home where the items will be moved from. Make sure to show the On-Island Moving Company every thing that will need to be moved. This way a true estimate can be given, and there will be no misunderstandings or conflicts when moving day arrives.
  • One clever trick that experts recommend is to take each estimate and place it in a brightly colored folder so that it is very easily seen. This will ensure that the other companies wanting your business will see it and know that are doing your homework and getting a variety of estimates. This technique may even result in lower estimates as it makes the companies compete against each other.
  • Once the one moving company which you want to use is found, make sure to read the contract thoroughly. All agreed upon prices and services should be included.

To make sure the move goes as smoothly as possible, Schedule an appointment with an experienced moving company today. This will alleviate stress and let you concentrate on other aspects of your life.

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