Apr 5, 2013

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Tips For Choosing An Air Conditioner Contractor

When the air conditioner goes out in Florida, it leaves you scrambling trying to find a contractor who can come out and fix it in a hurry, especially if you have tenants in a condo paying for the privilege of staying in your beachfront spot. But, before you choose an Air Conditioner Daytona Beach FL contractor, do a little research to make sure you’re getting someone who is qualified, reliable and affordable.

Friends and relatives in the area are always a great place to start with a recommendation. They can give you reliable suggestions, telling you their own experiences with the contractor, relaying if they arrived on time and did the work they said they would do. While yellow page ads can promise the moon, personal recommendations always hold more weight.

A word to the wise: Do not give your business to a contractor who offers a quote over the telephone without a visit to the location to inspect the problem. This quote will not be reliable and will likely not be honored once he comes out to do the work.

A quality contractor will not use your existing cooling equipment to size up your next cooling system, as many central a/c units are not sized correctly for the homes they are installed. Years ago, the energy energy requirements were different and standards have since changed. A more informed contractor will be aware of this and will make his suggestions based on today’s standards.

The contractor or repair man who comes out to work on your unit should ask questions about the issues you’re having on your Air Conditioners in Daytona Beach Fl, probing to find out what went wrong with your old equipment, and offering you a reason or solution for what went wrong that you will understand. He should use lingo you understand, not industry talk only contractors would use. If you don’t understand what he’s saying or agree with his suggestions for solutions, feel free to say no to the fix. As with a doctor, it’s perfectly acceptable to obtain a second opinion on the problem. The cost of the visit is far less than the charge of an erroneous “fix”.

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