Tips For Choosing A Volkswagen Atlas For Sale

One of the most important things for car buyers in Cherry Hill, NJ, to keep in mind is that buying a new vehicle gives you the option to customize your purchase. Becoming familiar with the different optional features possible with the new Volkswagen Atlas for sale helps you to decide what to consider.

The Volkswagen Atlas for sale Cherry Hill NJ is an ideal vehicle for families. It offers significant passengers head and leg room in the three rows of seating. The Atlas also provides one of the largest cargo carrying capacities in the mid-sized crossover class.

Front or All-Wheel Drive

One of the first decisions buyers have to make with the Volkswagen Atlas is to opt for front-wheel or all-wheel drive. To add traction and maneuverability even on wet and slippery surface, the four-wheel drive is a practical choice for driving in the Cherry Hill, NJ, area.

In addition, buyers also get to choose the engine in the Volkswagen Atlas for sale. Both engines are available with an eight-speed automatic transmission that offers smooth driving and control for city and highway travel.

Choose the Trim Level

Once you know your choice in all-wheel or front-wheel drive, you can then choose the ideal trim level. This ranges from the basic S trim to the SELL Premium R-Line. With each step up in options, the price increases, and so do the standard features and the options.

Volkswagen also offers several packages. These are groups of features added to the vehicle to enhance specific aspects from technology to the R-Line package that includes a range of different upgrades.

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