Nov 19, 2018

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Tips For Choosing A Company For Residential Window Replacement In San Rafael

It is amazing to see how new windows change the look of a home in San Rafael. Old styles of windows date home, but the addition of new window styles can make any home look more modern, brighter and more open.

The choice of a window replacement company is critical for this project. Window installation in existing homes requires both expertise and experience in working with the homeowner to choose the right windows and frames, but also a proven track record in professional installation on any type of home in the area.

To get the ideal company for a window replacement project, there are several factors the homeowner should consider. Top companies like Northwest Exteriors make it easy for homeowners to find out information, which is always beneficial in these types of projects.

Local Business with Experience

Look for companies in the San Rafael area that can complete window installation and home renovation projects. Working with a local company that has been in business for a few decades ensures the company has a top reputation for quality products and workmanship.

These businesses also tailor their product selection to suit the environmental conditions, architectural styles and the needs of the homeowners in the area. The sales reps work with customers to choose the right windows and to also stay in the homeowners budget for the replacement project.


Companies that offer window replacement do not need to be certified, but the top companies voluntarily go through the process to provide quality assurance to their customers and to effectively work with different manufacturers.

Look carefully at the certifications any exterior renovation company offers. Important certifications include through from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the VSI (Vinyl Siding Institute). Specifically, for window projects, make sure the company is an authorized dealer for the brand of windows you select for the home.

To learn more about Northwest Exteriors and our commitment to customer satisfaction in our exterior renovation and window replacement projects, contact us today. More information on our company and our services can always be found at

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