Tips For Buying Vintage Rugs In Memorial

For many people living in Memorial and in the surrounding area, adding a beautiful, gentle aged rug to their home is a perfect touch for a living room, home, office, den, home theater room, games room or a bedroom.

There are two different types of older rugs to consider. One is an antique rug, and the other is one of any of the popular and harder to find vintage rugs. The two types of rugs are not the same, but the differences between them are also a bit gray and unclear.

Antique and Vintage Differences

As a general rule, antique rugs, or other types of items, that are at least a century old. As rugs and other items may have been produced for decades, it can be challenging to specifically pinpoint the exact year, but there is a known range given the colors, pattern, manufacturing methods and other factors.

Vintage rugs are considered to be any items that are at least 20-25 years old. While this is just a general number, and some sellers or dealers have a slightly different range, they are usually rugs that are no longer in production or are of a clearly defined style that is different from the designs and styles produced today.

To make matters more confusing, there can be reproductions of both vintage and antique rugs, and they can be very difficult to detect unless you are familiar with the originals and have expertise in the area.

Buy from Reputable Sellers

The best way to purchase vintage rugs is to buy from a reputable, established and highly regarded rug seller. In the Memorial area, Ashly Fine Rugs is a rug seller to consider.

Look for a store that has expert sales staff, and that takes the time to provide information on the rugs, including assisting customers in understanding how vintage and antique rugs are authenticated in their store. Ashly Fine Rugs is a great example of the top store to shop.

At Ashly Fine Rugs, we offer both antique and vintage rugs, and we are always happy to work with our customers on understanding the details on all of our selections. To see more, visit us online at Domain.

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