Mar 19, 2014

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Tips And Steps To Take For Water Removal in Salinas, CA

It’s one thing to have a leaking pipe that drips under the sink. It’s an entirely different story to have a leaking pipe that gushing and fills your basement with a foot of water. How do you get rid of a problem like this? Some people use services for Water Removal in Salinas, CA, and some people try handling the problem themselves. Let’s take a look at the steps you can take to handle this problem yourself so that you can get your back into the condition it was before this mishap.

One of the first things you should do is turn off the water at the main valve. When there’s a massive leak most people tend to panic. Don’t attempt to stop the leak at the source of the problem (i.e. leaky faucet, busted pipe, etc.). In most cases attempting to plug the leak is futile and practically impossible due to the amount of water. Instead turn the main valve off and let the remaining water drain from the faucet or pipe. Having the water off will allow you to see what you’re dealing with before you get started making repairs.

The next thing you should do is remove your belongings from the flooded area. Depending on the extent of the flood removing items will be easier said than done. Try to remove as many items as you can (i.e. furniture, computers, financial documents, etc.). You’ll want to place these items in a safe place until you’re finished removing water.

If the flood is in the basement, one of the best choices for removing the water is to use a water pump. These machines work to automatically pull and pump the water out, and can remove several feet of water in a short amount of time. If you’re dealing with a few inches of water, it might be best to use a mop and bucket, or a wet vacuum to remove the water. If neither one of these options work for you, try contacting a professional service for Water Removal in Salinas, CA. They have special equipment that can effectively remove the water in no time.

Once the water is removed, it’s time to call one of the Property Restoration Services. These services will work to dry your home and help defend against possible mold and mildew growth. Use this and the steps mentioned to restore your home.

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