Three Ways Your Child Can Benefit From Arts Education in Temecula, CA

You want your children to master reading, writing and arithmetic, but what about painting, music and theater? While some parents think that art classes are just for fun, studying the arts can help young learners in many ways. Here are three benefits an arts education can provide for your child.

Improves Academic Performance

You might worry that participating in the arts takes time away from your child’s academic studies, but art actually helps their performance in other areas like math, science and reading. Students can apply math skills while learning to draw or improve their reading ability by memorizing lines for musical theater in Temecula, CA.

Develops Motor Skills

Learning to play an instrument or draw a still life requires a lot of dexterity. When children start these activities from a young age, they learn to develop and control their fine motor skills at a higher level than their peers who do not study the arts. Do you think your child is too young to start taking art classes? Think again. Even babies and toddlers can benefit from finger-painting, playing with clay or singing.

Teaches Character

Whether it’s taking a drawing class or participating in musical theater in Temecula, CA, mastering an artistic skill takes a lot of commitment and dedication. Values like perseverance, time management and collaboration can benefit your child throughout their life even if they eventually lose interest in playing the flute or sculpting ceramics.

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