Feb 14, 2014

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Three ways to strengthen your Faith

If you find it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain your faith in God it is important to find ways to strengthen your faith. You know that your faith is part of your happiness and can help you survive some of the world’s biggest challenges. Here are three ways to strengthen your faith:

1. Practice and Prayer: You are familiar with the term “practice makes perfect”. Faith may not come as naturally for you as you would like. Faith is something that you must work on and practice in order to benefit from the strength it will bring. You can practice your faith by simply being as kind, honest and charitable as possible. This will become easier and easier everyday. You can also use prayer to strengthen your faith by talking to God everyday. Share your honest feelings, ask for guidance and most of all be grateful for the blessings you receive each day.

2. Free Word of Prophecy: Many people do not realize they can receive a free word of prophecy to help provide a closer relationship with God. Your faith is strengthened when you strengthen your relationship with God. Sometimes it just takes a little reminder that God is there for you and wants to provide you with the direction you need to do well in life. A free word of prophecy can provide insight into the gifts of faith and how you can enjoy the gifts.

3. Seek Good: It is easy to get caught up in all the bad in the world however when you allow your self to focus on the bad this is all you will see. Look for the good in the world to regain your faith in mankind as well as in God. If there are stories of war and strife look for stories of hope by reading about survivors and people who have overcome difficulties in times of war. If you hear stories of violence and abuse seek out stories about people who have saved lives such as police officers and firemen as well as everyday people who step up and risk their own lives to save others.

These are just three ways to help strengthen your faith. Use them to bring yourself closer to God.

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