Mar 9, 2016

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Three Ways to Prepare for Pets’ Spay and Neuter in Tempe, AZ

Three Ways to Prepare for Pets’ Spay and Neuter in Tempe, AZ

Pets are an important part of a happy family. Sometimes pet owners choose to have their pets spayed or neutered early on. Aside from preventing unwanted offspring, many pets are less likely to want to leave the home and wander around. In some cases, it can even help a pet lead a longer, healthier life. Consider these three ways to prepare for pets’ Spay and Neuter in Tempe AZ.

Make Sure Pet is Healthy

Dogs and cats that aren’t healthy should not be put under anesthesia. Most of the time it creates an unnecessary risk. Instead, be sure to schedule the surgery for a later date. Most of the time a vet will do a general examination immediately before the surgery to ensure that pets are doing well and ready for the Spay and Neuter in Tempe AZ.

Change Up Food Routine

If a pet is under four months old, food should be taken away the morning of the surgery. This ensures that blood sugar levels are appropriate before the procedure begins. However, pets that are over four months need to have food removed the night before. The goal is to avoid any type of vomiting during the surgery that could create a risk for the pet.

Rearrange Schedule

Once a pet is out of surgery, he or she is usually groggy and activities are severely limited. It is important that pet owners rearrange their schedules to ensure they are with the pet for the rest of the evening. This gives a person time to keep an eye on the pet, ensure that the stitches are not chewed or scratched and that no warning signs of other problems are being experienced.

Create a Comfortable Place to Rest

Make sure that a pet has a comfortable place to rest after the operation. Cats and dogs shouldn’t be jumping up onto couches or counter tops until the stitches have begun to heal. If there are other pets in the home, they may need to be kept separate to ensure that the post-op pet can relax. Don’t worry. Eventually, a pet will return to his or her regular personality and activity level.

Does your pet need to be spayed or neutered? Check out or their Facebook page for more information about the process.

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