Three Ways to Customize the New Concrete in Your Commercial Building

Three Ways to Customize the New Concrete in Your Commercial Building

Whether you are having a new building constructed or you simply need to have a patio, walkway, pathway or other concrete area redone, it is worthwhile to have it customized to your specifications. There are a lot of attractive effects that can be done with concrete in order to increase the aesthetic appeal of your building. Consider asking commercial concrete contractors in Madison, WI, to use one of these specialty effects for your new area of concrete.


Concrete contractors can add pigment to the concrete as it is mixed and poured. The pigment allows you to have a different color of path, patio or steps than the usual grayish color of a standard concrete mix. For example, maybe your company has a red and black logo. You could have some red pigment added to the concrete of your plaza in order to coordinate the look with your brand.


Experienced concrete contractors can also stamp designs onto the concrete for a commercial project. For example, maybe you like the look of brick. Actual brick and mortar pathways require a lot of maintenance and care in order to remain structurally sound and aesthetically appealing. A stamp can be put onto concrete that makes it look like a brick path. Stamps in curved designs, cobblestone patterns and more can also be applied to concrete.


Another way to have commercial concrete contractors in Madison, WI, create a unique space at your place of business is to incorporate shapes other than the usual rectangular or square areas of poured concrete. For example, you could have the path to your building’s front door feature a curved edge, or you might want to create an octagonal patio area for employees to use on their breaks.

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