Jul 31, 2018

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Three Unknown Uses For Concrete Sand IN San Marcos TX

Three Unknown Uses For Concrete Sand IN San Marcos TX

Concrete sand is the primary ingredient in laying slabs for foundations and roadways, but it is a product that has a plethora of uses. The low cost of concrete sand in San Marcos, TX makes it a go-to choice for a vast selection of projects, but most individuals aren’t aware of the various applications it is suited for. The following is a look at three little-known ways to use a concrete sand mixture, and how it makes maintaining a home simple and affordable.

Improve Traction

Water and snow will cause a surface to become slippery, and while most vehicles are designed to handle minimal amounts of either, if conditions are left unchecked it may lead to a hazards situation. Sand provides an excellent source of traction by creating a surface that increases the grip on shoes and tires. If the threat of snow and rain is in the forecast, consider spreading it on sidewalks and driveways to decrease liability.

Create Walkways

Few components add whimsy and character to an outdoor space like a walkway that is constructed from pavers. During installation, the pavers will require a base material to help prevent shifting and to act as a filler for any cracks that may exist. Concrete sand in San Marcos, TX is an excellent option, as it is not only affordable, but it is designed to naturally compact as a result of exposure to water and pressure.

Topsoil Additive

The key to a garden that is full of beautiful plants is maintaining the health of the soil that they are growing in. One of the oldest tricks in the book is to add sand to topsoil, as it helps to increase the amount of air that is present in the soil and improves the formation of root systems. It will also increase the overall germination rate of a garden and help ensure everything planted will grow and thrive.

Sand is an invaluable tool for a variety of projects. Loftin Trucking & Materials offers a vast selection of quality sand and stone products and will assist a homeowner in determining which products will help ease the burden and worry associated with everyday tasks. Be sure to check out LoftinMaterials.com to learn more or call to arrange for a delivery.

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