Three Types of Interior Signs and Graphics Your Business Should Have

When people enter your retail store, you might not be available to give them a tour. Having interior signs and graphics makes it easier for your customers to find what they need. Consider getting one or more of these three customized interior signs and graphics in Peachtree City, GA.

Items or Product Categories
If your retail shop sells multiple types of products or different categories of products, interior signs should be hung from the ceiling or placed on the ends of the aisles. This facilitates the flow of customers and helps them find what they need. For example, if you own a yarn shop, you might want interior signs indicating fingering weight, double knitting, worsted, and bulky weight yarns. You might also want signs indicating where the needles and notions are.

One of the most commonly asked questions that retail shop owners get is, “Where is your bathroom?” It is a good idea to have interior signs indicating where the bathrooms are located. On the front of each restroom door, you could have a graphic indicating whether it is a unisex, men’s, or women’s bathroom. You could also include signs that communicate if the restroom is handicap accessible. If your restroom has individual stalls, you may want to indicate this on the stall door, too.

Customer Service Area
Another type of interior sign or graphic to consider is a sign for the customer service area. If your store has a customer service area that is separate from the checkout area, customers might not realize this. People who have a question will know to go to the customer service area if you have a clear interior sign or graphic in Peachtree City, GA, indicating where they should go.

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