Three Types of Injuries That Personal Injury Lawyers in Sarasota Cover

Personal injury lawyers Sarasota FL attorneys are specialists who can help you get the funding you deserve while you recover from a neglect-related injury. These are some of the types of injuries that such lawyers will help you with if you’re not sure what falls under the bracket of personal injury.

Automobile Accidents

You can indeed contact the car insurance company and get some money for auto repairs and such. However, you could still get compensation for your medical bills, car repairs and more if neglect played a part in the accident. Your incident may very well be eligible for assistance from personal injury lawyers Sarasota FL providers.

Slip-And-Fall Incidents

Slip-and-fall incidents are some of the most common personal injury types. They occur insides of businesses and on the outside and inside of people’s homes. All slip-and-fall injuries could be subject to personal injury suits if one of the parties were neglectful in their actions.

Work-Related Injuries

Most work-related injuries are covered under the workers’ compensation benefit. However, you may be eligible for personal injury monies if your injury occurred through your employer’s neglect. You cannot file for personal injury and workers’ compensation at the same time, but you can choose one or the other. Those are just a handful of the case types that an injury lawyer can assist you with. There are many more. Therefore, you should talk to someone who can evaluate your unique case.

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