Three Types of Gutters Installed by a Gutter Company in Lakewood WA

The gutters installed on homes and businesses may create clean lines and be pleasing to look at, but that is not their only function. Gutters are an important part of any building because they serve to guide rainwater from the surface of the roof of the building and away from its foundation, thereby protecting the home’s structural well-being. Three types of gutters installed by a Gutter Company in Lakewood WA are aluminum, steel, and copper.

Aluminum Gutters

One type of gutter system installed by a gutter company is aluminum. Aluminum is the most commonly used material for gutters. It is lightweight and easy to install, even for the do-it-yourself homeowner. Aluminum gutters come in a variety of colors and can be painted. At less than $9 per linear foot installed and less than $3 per linear foot when installed by the homeowner, it is the most affordable gutter material. Some of the gutter styles that are available in aluminum include 5″ and 6″ k-line, wide bottom fascia, 6″ half-round, and 5″, 6″, and 7″ box gutter.

Steel Gutters

Steel is another type of gutter system installed by a gutter company. Gutters made from steel are strong but very heavy. Therefore, they generally need to be installed by a professional. Because steel gutters are stronger and require professional installation, they are can be expensive, running around $10 per linear foot. A variety of colors are available, and they can be painted. Available 7″ box gutters can be made from steel.

Copper Gutters

The third type of gutter system installed by a gutter company is copper. Copper is considered to be the most attractive material for gutters. As it weathers over time, the copper develops a beautiful greenish-blue patina. Gutters of copper are the most expensive type available, costing up to $25 per linear foot. In addition, they require professional installation, which contributes to their high cost. Copper gutters are available in 5″ and 6″ k-line, wide bottom fascia, and 6″ half-round.

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