Three Trendy Mastectomy Swim Dresses Perfect for the Beach

Having a mastectomy does not have to limit your wardrobe and does not make you any less feminine, beautiful, or sexy, which is why this summer’s mastectomy swimwear styles will have you feeling bold, flirty.

Finding the perfect bathing suit can be a challenge for any woman, but with added discomforts following a mastectomy, it is important to make sure you are both comfortable in your suit and your own skin.

Swimming is one of the best exercises for your body and following a mastectomy. It is important to get back into exercise following your surgery, so you can start to heal your body and your mind. Finding a comfortable suit, however, can be challenging, but swim dresses are a great option because they provide full-coverage and are designed specifically for the post-mastectomy wearer.

Swimdresses provide the perfect combination of comfort and style and might be just what you need to help you strut onto the beach this summer.

1. Jodee Solid Black Mastectomy Swimdress

Suit up in this solid black swim dress fitted with special nylon slimming tummy control panels. Find comfort in the high neckline and armholes when you take to the waters or stretch out under the sun. This swim dress has built-in pockets for your breast forms and spandex that accentuate all your natural curves. The Jodee Solid Black Mastectomy Swimdress is perfect for providing a graceful slimming effect and getting you back onto the beach, under the sun, and in the water.

2. Jodee Midnight Forest Mastectomy Swimdress

Step up your mastectomy swimwear wardrobe with the Jodee Midnight Forest Mastectomy Swimdress. The striking tropical blue pattern splashed on a black silhouette make this swim dress the perfect bold selection. With a high neckline, high armholes, and pockets for your breast forms, this suit keeps comfort as a priority without sacrificing style. Nylon tummy control panels support and slim your figure and the nylon spandex give you extra shaping. With three-button adjustable straps, this Midnight Forest swim dress makes it easy to take on and off.

3. T.H.E. 2019 Collection Mastectomy Swim Dress

Ranging in colors and sizes, the T.H.E. 2019 Collection Mastectomy Swimdresses will appeal to all. These swim dresses are built for comfort with a built-in pocketed bra, but they also feature a slimming princess line and three-button adjustable straps. Pockets are on both sides to make it easy to insert a breast prosthesis or enhancer. With a range of color options, no one will feel left out.

Heavenly hibiscus combines soft blues, bright greens, splashes of red, and light lilacs to create a beautiful painter’s pallet.

Galaxy gazing brings you to a whole new world with its deep purples, vibrant pinks, and midnight blues. With stars sprinkled throughout the swim dress, you will be sure to light up the beach.

The Electric Blue print combines light blues with bright blues and creates an unforgettable splash of color on a slimming black silhouette.

If you’re ready to turn heads and make a bold statement, then the Caribbean colors are for you. Neon pinks, blues, and purples are combined to create a floral masterpiece on this swim dress. You will not go unnoticed when you make your way onto the beach or to the pool this summer.

Mastectomies Do Not Limit Fashion

Don’t let having a mastectomy make you think you have to dress in dull colors or unflattering styles. With the number of technological advancements in the fashion industry, your post-surgical bras, swimsuits, and apparel can fit your needs and your styles.

As long as you are feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin, a mastectomy does not have to take away your fashion choices, and a mastectomy swim dress can be what it takes to feeling like your old self again.

Contact a professional and certified fitter today to help you find your perfect mastectomy swim dress.

Feel feminine. Feel sexy. Feel beautiful.

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