Three Things to Understand About Bail Bonds in Freestone County, Texas

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation reports that nearly one-third of adult Americans have a criminal record–this doesn’t include simple traffic violations, which are civil offenses. Many more Americans have been arrested at least once but were not convicted of any crime. Most people get the help of providers of bail bonds in Freestone County, Texas to get out of jail fast. Here’s how they work.

What Is Bail?

Judges allow most people accused of crimes to go free prior to their trials. They apply certain restrictions to alleged criminals known as bail. One popular requirement is that they must forfeit a certain amount of cash to be released. Most people can’t afford to pay this amount and contract bail bondsmen for assistance, so they post bail in exchange for paying typically 10% of the bail amount.

Why Do People Bail Out?

In the United States, the Constitution states that citizens are required to have access to a speedy trial. This often doesn’t happen in most cases. Whether or not people are actually guilty, they often can’t afford to miss work or parental obligations and are thus required to bail out. Also, bailing out gives people the ability to prepare for their trials, something not readily possible when you’re in jail.

It’s Their Right

Bail bondsmen help people retain their freedom until proven guilty. Without money, unfortunately, accused criminals are stripped of their rights.

We’ll Help You Bail Out

Here at A to Z Bail Bonds, we’ve helped hundreds of people post bail prior to their trial. Learn more about our services for bail bonds in Freestone County, Texas by visiting our website.

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