Three Things to Think About When Considering Estate Planning in Topeka

Looking for estate planing law lawyers in Topeka, KS, you’re probably thinking about putting together a plan of action for a will. Estate planning is extremely important, especially when you have sbeneficiaries who will split your assets once you’re no longer here. Taking care of estate planning now helps ensure that your loved ones are taken care of and people are fully clear about your wishes. Following are some things to keep in mind when speaking with a lawyer about estate planning.

Assume Contingencies

If you’ve got a lot of people to take care of, plan for contingencies in your will. Assume worst case scenarios so that your family is covered no matter what happens. For instance, you could come up with a plan about what would happen if one of your beneficiaries passes away before you do. This may feel like a difficult conversation to have, but it will end up benefiting everyone in the long run.

Personal Items With Emotional Value

You may have items to pass on that don’t have any monetary value but that have a lot of emotional value for your family. Be specific about who will get these items. Some items may be worthless to outside individuals but hold extraordinarily valuable to the people closest to you.

Consolidate Financial Accounts

Make sure that you are very clear about where all of your accounts are located. Make sure that they are linked or clearly indicated so that there’s no confusion when assets need to be distributed.

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