Oct 29, 2013

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Three Things to Do with Old, Outdated Baseball Equipment in Louisville

Baseball equipment can be compared to the fashion industry. Equipment that is considered updated and current one moment, may be outdated the next. This presents a major problem to current baseball players, equipment managers, and coaches. That problem is what to do with equipment that is considered old and outdated.

Baseball coaches, players, and equipment managers may think the only option available to them is to toss the old equipment, but there are other, more resourceful, options available to them. The following are some of the things people can do with their used and ‘outdated’ baseball equipment.

Turn It in For Newer Updated Baseball Equipment

Some sports stores, like Play It Again Sports, offer a sports equipment exchange program. These exchange programs allow athletes to trade in old, used equipment and receive a discount on new equipment.

This trade-in option is often preferred by baseball players and coaches that like to have the newest, most updated baseball equipment. This option is preferred because it not only allows them to get the new equipment, but it allows them to receive new equipment from a Baseball Equipment in Louisville provider at steep discounts.

Donate the Equipment to Sports Clubs or Children’s Centers

Many sports clubs and children’s centers run on an extremely tight budget. These centers and sports clubs would love to offer baseball leagues or clinics to children, but are unable to afford it. Donations of sports equipment, like baseball equipment, could help them provide this activity to children.

Equipment managers, coaches, and baseball players will sometimes donate their used equipment to these sports clubs and children’s centers. The equipment is still usable; the only thing wrong with it is that it is an older make and model.  This option is great, as it allows children to become introduced to the game of baseball

Use the Equipment as Practice Equipment

When players are practicing four to six days a week, their equipment tends to become extremely worn over time. Some players will save newer equipment for game day, and rely upon old, outdated equipment for practice sessions.
Next time you have old, outdated equipment think about taking it to a Baseball Equipment Louisville provider for a trade-in or donating it, instead of tossing it in the garbage.




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