Aug 26, 2014

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Three Surprising Reasons for Male Infertility in San Antonio, TX

Three Surprising Reasons for Male Infertility in San Antonio, TX

With the world’s population growing uncontrollably larger every day, it’s hard to imagine that there are some people who really struggle with getting pregnant. When there is a problem or it’s just not happening as quickly as you would like, it’s thought to be a concern for women. However, there could also be a cause for concerns with men as well. The following are three surprising causes for Male Infertility In San Antonio TX.

Cell phone radiation may not be a complete shocker, but it is something that is really not thought about. Almost everyone owns a cell phone in today’s time. Placing your cell phone in your front pocket, or close to your genital area could be a possible reason for lower sperm counts. Some studies even show that cell phone radiation could play a part in altering DNA. A good step would be to just limit your phone’s time in your front pockets. Place your phone farther away in your back pocket or simply hold it in your hand when necessary.

Body care products are also a big culprit in male infertility. If you are accustomed to using the really good smelling body washes and lotions, you could be exposing yourself to toxins being masked as perfumes. Theses toxic chemicals may also be found in men shaving creams and hair dyes. The best remedy would be to focus on natural body care products. Read labels and stay away from anything that includes fragrances that are not derived from natural products.

Canned and processed foods are also bad news for men struggling with fertility. Most of the metal found in canned foods are lined with BPA chemicals. BPA chemicals have been found to affect sex drive, as well as sperm count. Another culprit is obesity, which is easier to obtain on a diet high in processed and canned food. The obvious remedy here would be to switch up your diet and include more naturally occurring foods that are good for you.

Because Male Infertility in San Antonio TX is so grossly under considered, these concerns are usually over-looked. It would do a great deal of service to your family to always consider the possibility. Getting properly examined for diagnoses and treatment could lead to finally expanding your family the way that you want. For more information, please visit website.

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