Jan 30, 2015

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Three Reasons You Need a Professional Makeup Artist

Having your makeup done professionally in Raleigh NC can mean the difference in making a solid impression and being pushed aside by someone else; especially when it comes to the competitive world of television, film and photo shoots. You will need to hire an artist who stays on top of new advances and techniques, and who is still able to customize a look specifically for your skin type or personal desires. Complimenting your hairstyle, ethnicity or jewelry through the eye shadow you wear can make all of your photos more memorable. Whether you want a heavy application or a light and natural look, your personal needs and goals can be met and exceeded.

Trained in Special Techniques

Being able to highlight and contour certain areas of your face can hide blemishes as well as bring out your natural beauty, and it can work for all skin tones. Accentuating the natural shape of your face can draw the eyes to that area and create the illusion of a more sculpted look. Highlight areas on your face including your “cupid’s bow” to make your lips look fuller, under your eyes to bring out their color and shape, as well as your cheeks and chin to make them appear more prominent.

High-Definition Products

If you’re planning on having a full day of being photographed at an event or during a modeling session indoors or out, you want to make sure your makeup is suitable for high definition photos in either full color or black and white. This can be especially important for prom, wedding or other event photos, headshots for acting or modeling portfolios, or that walk down the red carpet. Be sure your artist is aware that there will be HD photography taken so they can adjust your makeup needs accordingly.

Various Packages to Choose From

Every face is different, so your artist can offer many ideas and styles which may suit you better. Eyeliner and eye shadow can come in hundreds of unique colors and shades, some work better with others, and some simply won’t work best for you. Lipstick is the same way; there are natural and muted shades, as well as bright and vibrant colors. Finding the right mix of colors for your face will compliment your wardrobe or accessories and make you that much more memorable than the other person. Professional makeup artistry is a worthy investment when your photos need to capture you at your best.


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