Mar 7, 2019

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Three Reasons Why Everyone Should Recycle

Three Reasons Why Everyone Should Recycle

One of the oldest practices in recorded human history is the practice of recycling. Historians have found references to it as far back as 400 BC during the time of the great philosopher Plato. The practice continued throughout the Bronze Age and became especially prevalent during World Wars I and II. Today, recycling is more important than ever, and there three important reasons why basically everyone should do it.

1) Recycling Conserves Resources

For everything you buy, the materials to make it had to be extracted from the earth’s resources. Materials extraction takes a toll on the environment and expends a lot of energy. Raw materials often require more energy to be processed into usable compounds when compared to what it takes to recycle common items such as plastic.

2) Recycling Reduces Waste

Failure to recycle or otherwise properly dispose of waste materials has resulted in one of the greatest environmental catastrophes of the modern age. In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, located halfway between California and Hawaii is the Pacific Trash Vortex. Also known as the Pacific Garbage Patch, this giant floating trash collection is comprised mostly of plastic bottles and other recyclable materials from Asia. It is estimated to be roughly the size of Texas. Although recycling won’t make it go away, it can certainly prevent it from continuing to grow, and others like it from ever forming. Even Recycling in Suffolk County NY can make a difference.

3) Recycling Creates Jobs

The full process of recycling requires many different types of skilled and specialized labor. According to Eco-Cycle, the recycling industry is responsible for creating 9 to the 30 times as many jobs as landfills and traditional waste disposal, with an estimated 86% of all waste industry jobs being directly attributable to recycling. There is tremendous potential for growth in the recycling industry, as only 36% of Americans currently recycle. The more that people practice Recycling in Suffolk County NY, the more jobs will be created.

The common saying of “what goes around, comes around” is true when it comes to recycling. Recycling is in the unique position of being good for the environment and good for the economy at the same time. It creates jobs, reduces waste, and conserves resources. These are just three of the many reasons why everyone should recycle. Contact V. Garofalo Carting Inc. to learn more.

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