Three Reasons to Rent a Unit From a Kearny, NJ, Storage Company

Self-storage is a $37.33 billion industry that’s expected to hit $49.24 billion by 2024, according to Mordor Intelligence, a notable market intelligence and advisory firm. That’s because more people are experiencing the benefits of using these facilities throughout the country. If you’re in a position where a self-storage unit will help you stay organized, it’s best to call a professional Kearny, NJ, storage company right away. Here’s why.

Quick Processing

It’s fairly easy to get storage in Kearny, NJ. The first step is going to a storage company’s website and determining which size storage unit you need. Some companies even provide calculators to help you select the right size unit. You can then reserve your unit online and move your stuff in when you’re ready.

Easy Access

You can usually get access to storage in Kearny, NJ, 24 hours per day. Most storage companies will provide you with a card or passcode to enter the grounds. You’ll also have a key to unlock your unit and use it whenever you need it.

Reduces Risk

Having storage in Kearny, NJ, will minimize the risk of damaging your bed posts, sofas, coffee tables, lamps, dressers, and chests. That’s because you’ll have more room to organize your furniture so that it’s not stacked up. You can even place shelves inside your unit for storing smaller items.

Renting a unit from a professional Kearny, NJ, storage company is relatively inexpensive. In most cases, you can get a 10-by-15-foot unit for between $75 and $140, according to

SecureSpace Self Storage Titusville, which you can access at website, is a highly reputable storage company that offers units in Kearny and Piscataway, NJ, Staten Island, NY, Camarillo, CA, and at it’s brand new location in Titusville, FL, starting on December 6.

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