Nov 2, 2019

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Three Reasons to Park Off-Site at Jacksonville International Airport

Three Reasons to Park Off-Site at Jacksonville International Airport

Flying out of airports for business or pleasure is always a hassle. You have to get there hours early, circle through the garage in hopes to find parking that isn’t a marathon run away, deal with security, make the gate in time, as well as a host of peripheral matters. Parking does not need to be a hassle or headache. Sure, there are garages on site, but they are expensive and often full. Instead of resorting to them, one of the off-site satellites lots might be a better use of your time. Here are three reasons why.

Shuttles Take You From Car to the Door

When you find off-site JAX parking, a shuttle bus will bring you from your car to the door. This is an excellent way to avoid the gridlock that forms outside terminal departure lanes. It is also a way to avoid the irritation of driving around any airport garages. After you return from your flight, bringing a ticket to the shuttle bus zone will get you a direct ride to your vehicle afterward. This makes traveling easy.

Lots of Parking Options

Do you prefer valet parking? Are you a self-parking connoisseur? Is your vehicle electric and therefore have special needs? Off-site JAX parking can handle your preferences and vehicle requirements. There are several levels of parking, including valet and our one-rate cruise option. There are even EV charging stations for those electric vehicles. This allows you to take control of your parking experience!

Competitive Pricing

The JAX airport garages are outrageously expensive and not terribly safe for vehicles. Off-site parking is a much more affordable option and the fences protect the lots. Aside from people coming to their cars or leaving, the only people riding around the lot are the lot’s employees. Some corporations even have discount programs with off-site parking companies, which can save business travelers even more money!

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