Mar 22, 2019

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Three Reasons to Choose Stump Removal Services in New Canaan CT

Three Reasons to Choose Stump Removal Services in New Canaan CT

When you buy a new property, trees are often one of the central features of the landscape that makes you love it the most. Trees provide shade, enhance privacy, and give character to your land, and sometimes the oldest and biggest trees make the best features to your yard and driveway path. Although the magic part of trees is that they can potentially grow for thousands of years, the reality of life is that storms, hurricanes, tornadoes along with droughts, plant diseases, and tree pests can invariably lead to magnificent trees becoming undesirable stumps. Although you may be tempted to remove these stumps yourself, there are three important reasons why you should consider using professional Stump Removal Services in New Canaan CT instead.

1) Using Traditional Tools Can Be Back-Breaking

Your first instinct to tackle a stump may be to break out a saw and an ax and go to town on it yourself. But cutting up stumps is not like cutting up trees. When it comes to a large stump, you are basically tasked with removing a tree that is buried underground like an iceberg. Countless hours spent hacking away at the stump with a pickax is simply not worth the toll that it’s likely to take on your body.

2) Using Explosives Can Be Dangerous and Costly

Another common technique for those who wish to remove unwanted stumps is employing the chemical wonder of explosives to assist them but making your own explosives-;while possible-;is also quite dangerous and illegal. It’s not worth the risk of blowing yourself up and going to jail just to get rid of an eyesore in your yard. Instead of risking death or incarceration, contact the professionals from Pauley Tree & Lawn Care Inc at instead.

3) Using Stump Remover Products is Time Consuming

Explosives aren’t the only chemicals that people use to assist in the removal of unwanted stumps. Many products are available at low cost from home supply and lawn and garden stores that will help disintegrate an unwanted stump. Waiting for these products to work however can take months, and it’s simply well worth the added expense to have professional Stump Removal Services in New Canaan CT remove them in a timely fashion.

If you or someone you know is trying to remove unwanted stumps, contact a professional stump removal company instead of trying to do it yourself.

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