Three Problems with a Post Payment Audit

While post payment audits can be a solution for recouping your money from suppliers, it may not be the best way to get your money back. A post payment audit helps you to discover where your money is going. Each month there are millions of dollars left behind by businesses. Vendors and suppliers typically offer discounts, rebates and more to help offset some of the cost of doing business and often they are not taken.

The Problems

Unfortunately, there are a few problems with these types of audits that can make business owners weary of using them. If you choose the wrong audit firm you may deal with these three common problems:

  1. A lot of work on your part
  2. A lot of time
  3. A lot of expense

How much time do you have to dedicate to an audit? Even if it means getting money back, most owners/managers, already have plenty on their plate and simply cannot take on the extra work that many companies require. Participation in the audit can be time consuming and take you away from your core business responsibilities.

The Wait

It can take a lot of time to get your money back if you are working with the wrong company. Waiting and waiting for the money to come back your way can be frustrating.

The Expense

Spending money to earn money is fine, but not if the ROI is greatly reduced because of the initial expense.

A Better Way

Belmero has a better way of getting your money back! All the work is done for you. The process is quick, and you get your money back fast and it gives you the return that you hope for. Belmero offers you the smarter way to get your money back from suppliers!

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