Three Outdoor Lighting Choices in Asheville NC for Your Backyard

If you want to improve the use of your backyard, consider installing outdoor lighting. In Asheville NC, lighting is selected based on three basic criteria. Styles and choices are made on both practical and esthetic preferences.

Three Main Categories of Outdoor Lighting

In Asheville NC, the types of backyard outdoor lighting tend to fall into one of three main types of backyard illumination. This does not prevent them from working in conjunction to complement the overall intent and effect.

1.Safety/Security Lighting: This works both to deter the entry of prowlers and to prevent accidents from occurring. Motion-detecting lights are often used to provide this type of safety and security.

2.Landscape Lighting: This type of outdoor lighting fulfills several purposes. It can provide lighting for paths through the garden, decks, and other aspects of both hard and soft scape.

3.Accent Lighting: Although part of landscape lighting, this type of lighting is not intended to embrace all the landscape features. Instead, it focuses on specific garden features. It tends to be soft lighting that is employed to highlight a small section or feature of the garden. Lights illuminate a wall or show off décor or any architectural or garden features.

Implementing these various types of outdoor lighting is accomplished by utilizing a variety of different styles or types of lighting including string and floodlights.

Outdoor Lighting

Among the various options available, always try to choose LED lighting. These decrease the cost of usage. They also last longer than many other possibilities.

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