Apr 13, 2015

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Three Options to Consider for a GM Speedometer Repair

Three Options to Consider for a GM Speedometer Repair

The wrong time to remember your Chevy Impala’s speedometer is not working is when you see flashing red lights in your rearview mirror. Before that happens and your insurance rates go up, decide on what to do about a GM speedometer repair.

Where to Get a Speedometer Repair?

If your speedometer is not correctly clocking your speed, you can take your car into a General Motors dealership to have them fix it. However, the charge for the dealership working on the speedometer could easily cost up to $500. Instead, you can choose to:

 * Purchase the parts and repair it yourself.

 * Find another repair shop to do the work.

 * You can replace the speedometer.

These three options will be less expensive than having a GM dealership fix the speedometer in your car. The one you choose depends on your ability to work on cars and your patience. Consider the pros and cons before deciding whether to hire someone to do a GM speedometer repair or do it yourself.

Do the Repair Yourself

The main advantage of fixing the problem yourself is saving money. The labor costs are usually the most expensive part of any car repair and you can eliminate them by doing the repair yourself. In addition, you can purchase after-market parts and save money. Most dealerships will use OEM parts, which cost a little more.

However, repairs can be time consuming, especially for someone who may not be mechanically inclined. If you don’t have the skills, or if you cannot find time to do the repair, consider hiring someone else to do it.

Finding another Repair Shop

You can usually find an auto repair shop to do a specific type of repair, including one specializing in GM speedometer repair. They will usually cost less than a dealership as well. An experienced cluster repair shop can diagnose the problem quickly, give you an estimate on the cost and they have the parts on hard to make the repair. This is a good option if you don’t want to repair the speedometer yourself.

Replacing the Speedometer

Depending on the age of your car, you can purchase a brand new speedometer for it, or you may be able to buy a remanufactured one to avoid doing a GM speedometer repair. A brand new speedometer could cost $200 to $300 in a parts store, or you can spend half of the cost for a remanufactured speedometer.

Having a broken speedometer can lead to speeding tickets, court costs and higher insurance rates. A broken speedometer can easily cost you more than installing a new speedometer. If you need a GM speedometer repair, weigh your options and choose the best one for you.

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