Jun 5, 2013

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Three Mexican Foods available in Las Vegas that Are Surprisingly not from Mexico

Mexican food has become as much a part of American tradition as baseball and Sunday suppers. Most families in the United States prepare Mexican food as part of their weekly menu at home, and going out to eat at Mexican Restaurants Las Vegas is a treat many families enjoy regularly. However, there may be something surprising about Mexican Food Las Vegas: many of the dishes that Americans traditionally love for their spicy Mexican flavors are not from Mexico at all, but originated in America; some from as far north as Chicago and New York! Here are three ‘traditional’ Mexican Foods that are not from Mexico at all.

1. Nachos

Nachos are thought to have originated in Eagle Pass, Texas by a chef who was preparing a snack for about a dozen wives with what he had available in his kitchen. They quickly became famous for their crunchy, cheesy goodness and the ease of eating them with only your hands and are now a staple at sporting and public events, as well as restaurants and home kitchens.

2. Fajitas

Fajitas may be a staple Mexican Food in Las Vegas, but they were first eaten by cowboys in Texas. After the cowboys had delivered the cattle to be butchered, the left-over and less desirable cuts of meat (the head, hide, entrails, and trimmings) were delivered back to the cowboys as part of their payment for a job well done. The cowboys then sauteed the pieces up with the locally available vegetables, including peppers and onions, to be enjoyed after the hard day’s work.

3. Chili con Carne, or chili

This dish is unquestionably the most popular ‘Mexican’ food that does not originate in Mexico at all! When the West was being settled by pioneers, they would take dried beef, dried chili peppers, dried beef fat or suet, and salt and pound them together until they formed solid bricks of food that would not go bad on the trail. Once they made camp at night, they could take one of these bricks and toss into a pot of water where it would cook down into the meal that we now know as chili.

Enjoying Mexican Food Las Vegas does not have to be about celebrating a completely distinct culture, but about enjoying one that has merged and influenced our own every day life and tastes, this is especially true since so many popular dishes originated in America!

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